The gourmet pizza made by Vincenzo Varlese

The master of pizza

The gourmet pizza made by Vincenzo Varlese is the fruit of a life devoted to study, commitment and passion.
The Master Vincenzo Varlese has nurtured a great passion for cooking since he was very young, which led him to graduate in hotel and catering studies and to learn as much as possible from the best chefs in the world. He started his career in the catering industry working for several prestigious restaurants in Milan, Tenerife and Cologne and he soon picked up the tricks of the trade.
Then, almost by chance, he discovered the world of pizza and it was love at first sight, so he decided to take up the challenge. Working hard as always, he fully engaged in acquiring all the skills related to this special product of Italian cuisine and culture. After taking a diploma from the Italian Pizza Makers Association (API) School, he was employed by the same institution as a trainee some years later. There followed years spent on research and afterwards he started out the business of restaurant owner ‒ in Milan, Pavia and Salerno ‒ as well as professional adviser, making also his contribution to the launch of a pizza franchise in Brasil.
Moreover, as he has always been interested in different gastronomic sectors, he took classes in subjects such as pastry, ice-cream and cheese making.
Having competed for several prizes both in Italy and abroad and won a great number of them, he has become famous all over the world.

A new concept of pizza

After over 30 years spent on study, research and experimentation, he has learnt that a healthy diet always comes from the care for details, the choice of the ingredients and the ability to use them. For this reason, he has decided to use only hard wheat flour instead of the classic plain flour, and only sourdough, in order to make prime quality pizza that is highly digestible. From his experiments, it has been created the gourmet pizza made by Vincenzo Varlese, which is a healthy, genuine and exceptionally tasty product that makes possible unusual unique combinations.

The social commitment

The master Varlese has put his own art at the service of the community on several occasions, taking part in different events and supporting projects aimed at the social inclusion of the young. Once, he created the “Royal pizza” for a specific event. It was made with gold flakes, lobster, salad and other fine ingredients and was worth 1000 euro; the proceeds were donated to charity.

In 2015, it was published his biography “Una pizza per la vita”, edited by Annalisa Santamaria, to collect funds for a project aimed at young people with social inclusion problems or dropped out of school to rehabilitate them through the pizza making teaching. This is just one among his several projects that have made possible for the guys to be employed by pizza restaurants in different countries or to start out their own business.

If you are curious about the gourmet pizza made by Vincenzo Varlese, come and visit at Via Alessandro Manzoni 83/85 in Naples and discover the secrets of an authentic master pizza chef.