The prizes won by Vincenzo Varlese

A long story of recognition

The career of the master Vincenzo Varlese is sprinkled with attainments also in the field of competitions. Along his career he has taken part in a lot of both national and international contests where he showcased his talent and mastery, competing in different categories and having different outstanding successes.

Here come some of the prizes won by Vincenzo Varlese:

Year 2000

  • 2nd Classic pizza Salerno Championship 
    1st ranked
  • Cibus in Parma held by the Academy of Pizza
    1st ranked in the category “regional adaptation”
  • 6th City of Naples Cup – Pizza Margherita Association
    Best pizza restaurant

Year 2001

  • 1st Piana del Sele Championship
    1st ranked in the category “Margherita doc” held by the Neapolitan Pizza Makers
  • Association – Associazione dei Pizzaioli Napoletani
  • 1st Vicenza Provincial Championship
    1st ranked in the category “Classic Pizza”
    1st ranked in the category “Pizza fantasia”
  •  Verona “Giro Pizza d’Italia”
    1st ranked
  • 2nd Sorrento Peninsula – Caputo Cup
    1st ranked

Year 2002

  • 2nd National Championship “Pizza di Fiuggi”
    1st ranked
  • Iaquone Cup
    Category “Pizza and fish”
    7th International Championship – Piana del Sele Caputo Cup
  • 23th “Maratona a Tavola” Fiera del Levante di Bari – European Cooking Championship
    1st ranked

Year 2003

  • “Scienza e Cultura della Pizza” Massa Carrara Cup
    1st ranked

Year 2004

  • “Maratona a Tavola” Bari Cup
    1st ranked

Year 2006

  • Maratona a Tavola” – Bari “Leone” Cup1st ranked

Year 2007

  • Massa Carrara National Championship 
    1st ranked in the category “Pizza and fish”

Year 2008

  • Salerno City Cup
    1st ranked
  • 2nd API National Championship
    1st ranked in the category “artistic pizza”
  •  12th Salsomaggiore Terme World Championship
    1dt ranked
  •  Salerno “Pulcinella” Cup
    1st ranked
  • Salsomaggiore Terme World Championship
    3rd ranked

Year 2011

  • 4th Healthy Pizza Milan World Championship
    2nd ranked

Year 2012

  • Massa Carrara World Championship – Fiera del Tirreno
  • 1st ranked in the category “Pizza never seen before”
  • “Gran Vulcano” Ercolano Cup
    1st ranked
  • Velletri “Coppa Italia”
    2nd ranked in the category “Gluten free pizza”
    3rd ranked in the category “Pizza Margherita doc”
  • Anzio
    Pizza chef of the year

If you want to know the complete list of the prizes won by of Vincenzo Varlese, come and visit us at Via Alessandro Manzoni 83/85 in Naples and discover the secrets of a real master pizza chef.