The philosophy of Vincenzo Varlese about pizza

Patience and care for details

At the base of Vincenzo Varlese’s philosophy about pizza are first-choice ingredients and the slow processing, but above all, there are humbleness, dedication, perseverance and self-denial. 

His goal of promoting Italian excellence and image abroad has brought innovation to the art of making pizza, always respecting the essence of the Campania products. This meant giving space to new ingredients and reducing the processing times and therefore focusing on the pizza quality instead of mere profit.

Hard wheat flour and sourdough

What makes the pizza made by the master Vincenzo Varlese so good is the use of healthy, genuine prime-quality ingredients to achieve a nutritious and healthy product. The choice of the right flour is fundamental: instead of the commonly used type-00 flour ‒ plain flour ‒ that contains only the core of the grain, the master has preferred hard flour ‒ type 1 ‒ because it has a higher content of bran as well as more wheat germs besides starch, and is stone-ground according to the traditional artisan method in order to keep the organoleptic properties preserved.

Furthermore, he has opted for using sourdough, an ingredient which makes pizza highly digestible but requires a much longer leavening period, lasting from 48 up to 120 hours. This is a bold choice in accordance with the philosophy of Vincenzo Verlese about pizza, which considers the quality and authenticity of the product its primary aim and would be impossible to follow if the approach were merely making a profit.

Quality above all

In order to take extreme care of every detail and make unique each creation, he has decided to serve no more than 300 hundred pizzas a day because the decision to use whole flour and sourdough is not compatible with a huge profit. This is a choice that testifies to the passion and the prime interest in making a quality product rather than profits.

Gourmet pizza

The thirst for innovation of the master Varlese finds its maximum expression in the new gourmet pizza. These are dishes that apparently seems to mix contrasting flavours, but that finally reveal themselves as a burst of feeling and emotions involving the senses, a unique experience that will delight every palate.

If you want to know the philosophy of Vincenzo Verlese about pizza, come and visit at via Alessandro Manzoni 83/85 in Naples and capture the secrets of a real master pizza chef.